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Are you ready to supercharge your start-up's growth? NEW’s Venture Client Unit is your key to accelerating innovation, attracting valuable customers, and accessing essential resources. Join us on this transformative adventure into a greener future.

What Is Venture Clienting?

Venture clienting is not just about investment; it's a strategic partnership that connects you as a startup to challenges and problems within our business sectors. It offers you a chance to work with dedicated industry experts, gain real-world validation, and access extensive networks.

Venture Client Unit

Why Venture Clienting matters for your Start-up

Access to large customer base

Paid PoC

Shaping a sustainable future

Access to industry expertise

Regulatory support

Validation & trustworthiness

Real world tests & feedback

Networking & market access

Potential for long-term partnerships

How we do venture clienting at NEW

How we do venture clienting at NEW

Why Choose Us?

We’ve set up Germanys first utility venture client unit helping to accelerate our way into a greener, sustainable and decarbonized future. Our in- and external Venture Client team of experts has a proven track record of connecting startups with the right internal stakeholder, facilitating successful partnerships, and promote innovation in our strategic business areas.

Commodity / Customer solutions

Waste Water

(Public) Transport


Renewable energies

Public pools


District solutions (Smart City)

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